Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ida McBeth Now, Here It Is Me Muzik Unknown Year

Ida did her best to make this a one of kind item,
but Glenda is a bitch and gave this to Goodwill.
Ida McBeth Now, Here It Is Me Muzik Unknown Year CAT #St-10042

This album, based on cover and back sleeve photos, came out in the mid-80s. Looking at a lot of big hair and Miami Vice fashion on the backside. The music is drenched in slick 80's production as well, but, it's surprisingly in touch with KC jazz roots.

Rather than be corny and cliche, the covered songs are rework themselves into a classic jump blues style with a few torch numbers to showcase Ida's softer side. Her voice is strong and can fill a room with ease. The blues numbers are the albums strong point as their nod to history is surprising as based on the cover, you'd expect some sort of slick, 80's female pop-soul LP.

The production is credited to Ida McBeth. She exposed herself to the music scene at an early age moving to Los Angeles and singing in clubs. Apparently there's a 70's album she recorded, but there's no indication on her website that it was ever released. Either way, competent performances from all players and Ida's voice makes it a worthwhile listen. Nothing mind blowing, but strong for a local release. Today, she can still be found recording and performing locally.

Performing recently on the Plaza

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