Sunday, April 26, 2015

Numbero Presents Lows In the Mid Sixties Volume 54: Kosmic City Part 2 2015

Numbero Presents Lows In the Mid Sixties Volume 54: Kosmic City Part 2 2015 Numero CAT #NBR004

This was released on Record Store Day 2015 by Numero/Numbero. It may be somewhat limited, but there wasn't a huge buzz about so it's still readily available. If you can't find it in a record store among the rest of the RSD leftovers, it can still be purchased online .

I was pretty jazzed on the disc, I was concerned I may not be able to grab a copy due to the local success of things like The Bulbous Creation LP and the Cavern Sound comp also released by Numero. Early research showed that a few local stores didn't even bother to order it. Apparently, so obscure and undocumented that even local stores weren't aware of it.

The backside has an introduction by Johnny Dolan proclaiming Kansas City as a hotbed of unheard garage and claiming the town could have been much hipper had local radio given these obscure singles a chance. And, there is some truth there, despite being covers of your basic Nuggets garage tracks, all things were recorded in the Cavern in Independence, Missouri. It's quality and the tracks could have had much more local appeal especially considering the hits of the era. Even has as solid cover of Hays' Blue Things, "La Do Da Da", as done by the Changing Times out of Platte City.

However, to say KC could have been Hipsville if radio gave this all a chance, though,. I don't know. The real punk stuff featured on numerous other garage rock comps didn't bring much excessive fame or fortune to the countless teen bands that sprang up in every home town, USA. Sure, some towns like Chicago got teen bands charted, but KC didn't have the same market, we've always been a Cowtown first, rock hotbed 2nd or maybe 5th. That said, it's a good garage rock comp featuring a solid, and surprising song selection. The 1st side goes the punk, teen rock, route. The 2nd side is still filled with fuzz, but gets a bit more soulful and folk orientated.

Basically, if someone wants an introduction to teenage punk and garage ravers form the late 60s, they should skip this for the Nuggets or Pebbles series. If garage rock is your thing, you probably already know about this, it's got the deep cuts. It's for those types and the only reason I'd recommend it is because I'm a huge KC-Homer.

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