Thursday, April 9, 2015

Black Calvin Postcard B/W Be With You HC 1994

Black Calvin Postcard B/W Be With You HC 1994 No CAT #

Black Calvin is another local much like Zoom, great band, but almost completely unheard of outside Kansas City and Lawrence. The was a three piece featuring Craig Comstock who is still very much active today in local music. He also started up the HC label the band released for and managed to release a Black Calvin 10", a split 7" and a local hardcore comp before giving the label up.

Black Calvin played a brand of post-hardcore that wasn't too far removed from other locals of the early to mid-90's. They were a lot more lo-fi and punk rock about it. The first track, "Postcard", is a 5 minute punk-rock, sludgefest. The B-side, "Be With You", picks things up, but stays just as noisy and discordant with crazy guitar lines and shifting tempos.

The tunes were recorded in Lawrence, KS by Ed Rose. So despite the band's lo-fi aesthetics, they still valued qaulity, so much so, the 7" was pressed onto virgin vinyl.

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