Monday, April 13, 2015

Revolvers She's Out Of Your Life Locket Love 1996

Revolvers She's Out Of Your Life Locket Love 1997 CAT# 001

When the SST band, the Descendants, started singing about girls, I don't think they could have predicted the pile of turd pop-punk bands that would take their formula to the Vans Warped Tour and radio by the 1990s. And despite those bands nods to the repetitiveness and speed of the Ramones, they almost all sucked and whined about high school too much despite the fact they were clearly out of it and had dropped out of college by the time their first album was released.

However, despite the MXPXs and NOFXs all around, a solid form of the genre existed all over in teenage garages. Kansas City's Revolvers were that type of band. Despite their obvious moves, when it's recorded in someone's house and done by kids still in their teenage years, it's some of the most honest music out there. The obvious sing-along chorus' carry weight and meaning. The repetitive guitar lines are exhilarating. The songs about teenage heartbreak make you want to cry. And most importantly, the tunes meant something to everyone of their friends and fans attending the shows in shit places like Gee Coffee and someone's basement. The kids were living the experiences with the band. This band meant something to a lot of kids. So despite it's obvious flaws, it's great music and it's a shame this record is almost all but forgotten.

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