Wednesday, April 8, 2015

KSNT 27 Topeka Presents Taking Pride in Topeka Impact Broadcasting 1990

KSNT 27 Topeka Presents Taking Pride in Topeka Impact Broadcasting 1990

This is terrible. It's found in countless terrible record collections near and around Topeka, KS. Similar albums are found throughout the entire US. Impact Broadcasting was a Nashville, TN company that went all over the US peddling these albums to Chamber of Commerce leaders or whoever would listen. Odd thing, Topeka agreed to it in 1990, a time when vinyl was considered on the decline.

"Fuck yeah! That's Topeka!" - Said No One Ever
It's a very flashy package and for that, good job Impact Broadcasting. It's a glossy gatefold cover, with photos of area attractions and placed sponsorship spots throughout. Taking Pride in Topeka was sponsored by Pizza Hut, T.J. Maxx, Kansas Expocentre, Highland Park Bank & Trust, JM Bauersfeld's, Fairlawn Plaza, KTPK Country 107, and obviously TV station, KSNT 27 Topeka who agreed to present this pile of shit.

The actual record features narration by politician, Ron Harbaugh, who attempts to tell the story of Topeka. His narration embellishes; a lot. It literally makes you think of the story of Blaine, MO as told by the actors in Waiting for Guffman. Then, the music comes on. Canned production music which Nashville exceled at. The players or female singer don't even get credited as it's pretty apparent, the same tunes were just recycled (seriously, only the first track actually mentions Topeka) on other titles such as Taking Pride in Mid-Missouri, Taking Pride in San Antonio, or Taking Pride in Whatever Town, USA, that fell for the same scheme. I wonder if the town wasn't interested, the salesman then opened up his jacket and asked if anybody wanted to buy a watch.

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