Monday, April 20, 2015

Milo Finley Combo The Boogie Twist B/W My Guitar Boogie Milo Unknown Year

Milo Finley Combo The Boogie Twist B/W My Guitar Boogie Milo/Woodland Record Company Unknown Year CAT# ML701/702

Unable to pull up much information on this band or it's players. There is at least one other Milo Finley Trio 7" out there on with same logo and a different color label. It's also tough to gauge whether the large name "Milo" atop the label is the record label or just there for namesake as on the right, the record indicates it was put out by the Woodland Record Co. in Kansas City, MO. A search for each label brings up nothing.

What's also odd, none of the players are mentioned either. The Milo Finley Trio, per the label features all of the following, Clyde Hughart (drums), Charels Shortino (guitar), Leon Hinkle (bass), Tom McDermott (Piano stylist) Milo Finley (violin). What odd, the A-Side is a song credited to Finley and he's not listed as a player. The B-Side is song credited to Shortino and he's not listed as a player. Regardless, names searches do validate most were from the Kansas City area, there's even some evidence Milo Finley has connections to UMKC for sheet music, but there's very little about this 7".

The tunes are pretty interesting. It'd be nice to get a year on this. It's somewhere between Western Swing and Boogie-Woogie without all the piano. It sounds like it should be from the 40's, but the sound is bit too crisp for that and it's not on shellac speed at 78RPM. Neither song features vocals, just short tunes with solid musicianship and fun guitar work.

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