Monday, April 13, 2015

Brewer and Shipley Weeds Kama Sutra 1969

Brewer and Shipley Weeds Kama Sutra 1969 CAT# KSBS 2016

Man, if there's anything writing a blog about random ass music can teach you, it's don't sleep on anything. Outside of the one hit, I never bothered to listen to Brewer & Shipley. But, these Kansas City transplants did some solid work. Surrounded themselves with great talent and wrote some pretty great folk rock.

Weeds isn't a masterpiece, but it's probably more overlooked than it should be. Their tunes are clever and smart. The first track mentions how you get stoned and listen to Music From the Big Pink by the Band. There's a clever cover of Dylan's "All Along the Watchtower", albeit a bit too expected for the type of sound these guys were laying down. They're apparently huge stoners and it shows in their albums as they weren't afraid to experiment with their sound. It's also apparent as members of the Grateful Dead appear on the album as well as the likes of Mike Bloomfield.

Overall, it's quality stoner, country-rock. In the ballpark with Grateful Dead albums like Workingman's and American Beauty. Promise you, none of the 10 minute drum solos, those two Dead albums are pretty low-key affairs.

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