Thursday, January 30, 2014

Canyons, Tigon, Foreign Theaters Split Can't Have Nothin' Nice The Ghost Is Clear Records/Mayfly Records/Melotov Records

Canyons, Tigon, Foreign Theaters Split Can't Have Nothin' Nice The Ghost Is Clear Records/Mayfly Records/Melotov Records 2010 NO CAT#

Cool story, well to me anyway, about the local label that helped put this out.  For a while I had two copies of The Get Up Kids/Coalesce split 7", no big deal, but I had an extra.  I first attempted to dump one off on InstaGram for charity, no one bid or offered any money for it.  Then, I tried to sell a copy for profit on eBay.  One person bid who was from Kansas City for the bargain basement price of $1.99.  The person paid and when I went to package up, I looked at the address and saw this buyer was from Kansas City.  Being a nice guy, I quickly messaged the person and said, "Dude, if you're from Kansas City and just want to pick this up, you can have it.  Free."  The buyer emailed back and she said, "I'm not a dude, but thanks, I will pick it up."  Things went from eBay to Craigslist and we met near my place of employment.  It was a brief exchange, she was accompanied by her boyfriend (got to be safe when meeting strange record people, good move on her part) and the record and pleasantries were exchanged.  I asked about their interest in local music and if they were wanting the 7" more for Coalesce or the Get Up Kids, they said both and were just into local music.  I was like, "Sweet, my kind of people."  Which, they were probably looking me at me like, "No, you're fucking square."  But, whatever, I was in my work clothes and am kind of square, it would have been justified.  Anyway, the boyfriend introduced himself and told me about his label.  At that point I was thinking since I gave them a free 7" he'd reciprocate, he didn't.  But, he handed me a sticker for this label and told me to check it out.

It's a cool label, centered mostly around metal and it releases locals along with bands from all over the US.  The coolest thing they've done is reissue the Puig Destroyer 7".  Which, if you are not familiar with, is a reference to the Los Angeles Dodger, Yaisel Puig.  People think it's hot shit because it was released by baseball journalists who are also metal enthusiasts, admittedly, it is pretty hardcore.

This is the first thing I've picked up by the label, it was cheap and I've been enjoying abrasive hardcore metal lately.  Canyons are a Kansas City band and the reason I was drawn to it (that, and it's cheap).  They play brutal metal, not far off from Coalesce.  Dissonant and abrasive, guttural vocals, odd time makes me want to punch kittens.  The songs are short, which is about right for this brand of metal, I don't need 5 minutes of constant shifts, they keep it focused on all four of their tracks.  Tigon is a California band, they on the other hand do take some time to complete a song.  They aren't as straight ahead as Canyons, a bit more noisecore, so it works for them.  Foreign Theaters is from Marshall, MO, which is too far away from KC to be considered local to me.  They are in interesting band, but checking out info online, doesn't seem they are still active.  Foreign Theaters is the least "metal" of the 3 bands on the LP, kind of sludge rock, like a heavy metal version of 90's grunge.

Canyons Have It Lavish
The Ghost is Clear-Buy Local

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