Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ad Astra Arkestra S/T The Record Machine 2011

Ad Astra Arkestra S/T EP The Record Machine 2011 CAT # TRM-036

So, I bought this album recently (had to, it's limited to only 300 copies, I was getting worried) and no where on the record does it say play at 45 RPM.  I put it on at 33 1/3 and was pretty sure I had just dropped acid and my face was melting.  It was fucking intense, then the vocals kicked in and I realized my error.  But seriously, someone should sample some of these tunes in 33 1/3 for some dope beats.

The band was formed from idea that was Lawrence's Ad Astra Per Aspera and members of the "Arkestra" play around town in numerous other bands.  It's a cool idea, with all the members and a ton of percussion, but it does get a bit pretentious.  A group of white hipsters calling themselves an "Arkestra"?  Sun Ra should probably get off his space ship and punch the band in the face a few times.

The band dubs itself "Astra Beat" or "Drum Punk" (again, more pretentiousness) which means post-modern centered around percussion.  They use tribal rhythms and scream a lot.  They are some really good moments when the beat is steady and they place a nifty riff over the top.  Some good dance moments.  Then there are some borderline hippie moments, which I didn't need, but I get it and I figured it was going to happen just based on the cover.  Besides, one of those boder-line hippie moments, "Apostle's Fossils," is the highlight of the album.

Ophelia's Blues

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