Friday, January 24, 2014

Mates of State Crushes The Covers Mixtape Polyvinyl 2010

Mates of State Crushes The Covers Mixtape Polyvinyl 2010 CAT#PRC-9140

I don't know the history behind the release, if this came out as a tape first or whatever, but it's a compilation of covers Mates of State put together.  There are cover tunes by Fleetwood Mac, Nick Cave, Tom Waits and a host of others.  This particular version was a limited edition Record Store Day clear vinyl pressing.

The whole premise and selection of covers is undeniably cute.  The husband and wife team obviously picked tunes important to them and recorded them at their home studio with the exception of drum tracks laid down in a studio.

Due to the group's consistent boy/girl vocal approach, they are able to place their own stamp on virtually every song.  This is especially true of "Son Et Lumier" by Mars Volta which was shortened considerably, but it's almost unrecognizable.  Even a classic like "Second Hand News" by Fleetwood Mac is true to the original, but got a lot of the Mates' personality stuck to it.  They also turned Tom Waits' "Long Way Home" into indie-Stadium Rock, it's freaking huge.  My favorite track though is the Vashti Bunyan song, "17 Pink Sugar Elephants", in which the group got their daughter to sing on the, undeniably cute.

17 Pink Sugar Elephants Bio with video discussing the Lawrence roots of Kori Gardner

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