Friday, January 3, 2014

Kansas Power MCA 1986

Kansas Power MCA 1986 CAT# 5838

Good news that if I've actually had to pay for a Kansas LP, I haven't paid over a dollar.  Bad news, this is awful.  It's what you'd expect from a band like Kansas in a year like 1986, though.  Just overproduced pomp rock.

I like Kansas for the most part, well, it's kind of a love/hate thing, but I can certainly respect them.  They have a very devoted fan base, but I can't imagine those fans call out for songs from this LP at shows.  It was a reformed band at this point, Steve Walsh who was previously out was now back in, Phil Ehart was still on drums, but Kenny Livgreen left along with John Elefante.  Instead of prog. rock, you get douchy hard rock.

Even the sole attempt at prog. on this LP, "Musicato", is filled with simple guitar licks and tons of cheesy 80's studio effects.  Such a disappointment.  Despite that, the band still managed a minor hit out of the song "Power" and a top 20 hit out of "All I Wanted".  Good for them, I guess.  The fact that people were still interested in Kansas in 1986 is a testament to their popularity and success.

All I Wanted

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