Sunday, February 2, 2014

Cole Hunter Capone B/W New Frontier Read Badge Music 2009

Cole Hunter Capone B/W New Frontier Read Badge Music 2009 NO CAT#

Don't know who this guy is, what he represents, or even who his friends are.  I do know you can buy his 7" for $3.00 at an Olathe antique mall and there's a sign indicating he's local.

When I got it home, I looked all over and only found the dudes self-produced rock video.  He plays a Flying V, pretty hard rock right there, if not metal.  The website for Real Badge Music is pretty awful.  I mean, 1992 AOL Welcomes You to the Internet- bad.  There's pages, with no actual information, just a bunch of cryptic filler. It's strange.

After listening to Cole Hunter's 7", one thing is clear, Cole Hunter loves him some guitar.  The first side, "Capone", is surprisingly adept and kind of enjoyable.  Albeit a bunch of guitar masturbation and it's trapped in 60's and 70's hard rock.  But, considering the website and the lack of any information, I braced myself for the worse but, found it to be a pleasant surprise.  "New Frontier" is the B-Side, it's acoustic and obvious...gotta have a panty-dropper if you rock a Flying-V.

Website (or lack thereof)

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