Sunday, January 19, 2014

The Caves Duplexiaville Golden Sound Records 2012

The Caves Duplexiaville Golden Sound Records 2012 CAT#GSR-017

My first understanding of the Caves was that it was just the guitar/drum duo of Jacob Cardwell and Andrew Ashby doing Ashby's bedroom pop tunes.  This is the more fleshed out edition, featuring David Gaume doing bass and other things as well as the production.  Elizabeth Bohannon is featured on keys and and vocals.

The Caves lie somewhere between later-era Beatles and Elvis Costello ballads.  Very dreamy, with just enough teeth to get them into them into clubs rather than coffee houses.  Still very much bedroom pop.  Quiet and very quaint, at a show, you'd hear crowd chatter over most of these songs.  Still, Ashby's songs grow on you the more time you spend with the album and at times are hauntingly beautiful, i.e. ""Feeler".

The album artwork is pretty awesome.  Features the old Reflector tour van and the layout was done up by Greg Franklin who was in a good band called the Believe It Or Nots, way back when.  Although, the font choice on the back cover is a bit 8th Grade.

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