Sunday, January 5, 2014

Chuck Harter Keep Me In Mind, Keep Me In Love Chaparral Records Year Unknown

Chuck Harter Keep Me In Mind, Keep Me In Love Chaparral Records Year Unknown Cat #CLPS 1090

Yeah, couldn't resist buying a sealed copy of this LP for $3 at an Olathe Antique Mall.  How could anyone after seeing the cover?  Clearly, Chuck Harter loves his wife.  Loves country music.  And, loves America.

Reading the back, yeah, he loves his wife.  His family, the musicians on the album, on and on about how fortunate he was to put out an album.  The LP is basically a well done demo.  It's strange, now a days a band can easily put out a CD with little or no assistance.  But, previous to that, you had to have an album or a 7".  As difficult as that may have been to carryout on your own, there were all these regional labels putting out local music.  Harter for example appears to be from the Kansas City area.  The label is regional, and the producer, Johnny Maggard, did other local stuff.  I assume, seeing how Chaparral Records actually released other music they must have caught Harter playing local shows.  He had to be drawing some sort of crowd, because it wasn't like distribution was going to push this release much past the Metro.  The only place this album was going to sell was at shows and maybe a few local shops.

They went all the way to Nashville, TN to record it.  Even got a few studio pros to lay down tracks on the LP.  The music isn't awful.  It borders on country-pop, in the vein of someone like Kenny Rogers.  The production is cheesy, but overall, the album isn't a total train wreck.  It's no hidden gem, mind you, just could have been worse.

Actually on YouTube? The song, "That Kind of Fool"

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