Thursday, January 2, 2014

Kill Whitey Dig B/W Tired Shrinking Violet 1989

Kill Whitey Dig B/W Tired Shrinking Violet 1989 NO CAT #

Kill Whitey was kind of a local legend in Lawrence, KS by the time I got there.  I remember asking the host of KJHK's metal show, Mean Dean, about them.  He gloated and seemed to associate them with the small metal scene in Lawrence and Kansas City.

Further, I found what was once a fairly valuable compilation CD of the band that covered their entire output.  I remember listening to it and thinking "heavy metal."  They stood apart from other bands because they had a female singer who could wail in Kim Czarnopys.  They were also well remembered for founder, Mark Smirl, who later formed one of the many 90's local major label bands, Stick.

Regardless of what I remember and heard about the band's metal tendencies (I don't have the CD any longer to reference) I wouldn't typify this 7" as "metal."  It was 1989 when it came out, though.  There is definitely aspects, heavy riffing and Czarnopys wails out the tunes.  But, it's hard rock metal kids could enjoy, kind of in the vein of a bands like the Cult or Guns & Roses.  Huge guitar riffs and nods to 70's stoner rock which was once called metal, but by the 1980's those bands sounded tame.

This came out early in the band's career and I got to think as they continued their sound got heavier and heavier.  I just can't verify it because I don't have that CD anymore.


  1. I had that cd long ago. Hard to find, and alot of money now. I saw the band at Starz on Broadway. Maybe 10 people there. But the killed it, Kim was a vocal beast.