Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Get Up Kids Love Teller Contrast 1996

The Get Up Kids Love Teller Contrast 1996 CAT# CNTRST 3

Man, I love this little 7", it's so fucking emo.  These guys were just barely removed from high school when they did it, in fact, the drummer still was.  I love the band's early stuff because it was always filled with such a sense of urgency.  Like they were dying to share the songs with anyone who wanted to listen, sleep on anybody's floor who would allow them, and play anywhere.

The two songs featured, "A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts" and "Off the Wagon" that were both released later by Doghouse on the Woodson EP.  The tunes are lovesick and riddled with teenage emotions.  The songs cemented them into the emo scene and paired them to the likes of Promise Ring and Sense Field.

They are really great songs.  Two of the band's strongest.  Cool bits about the 7", the A-Side run off reads, "I'd Do Anything For You".  The B-Side reads, "I'd Give You the World if I Could."  Both lyrics from the tracks, but so fucking emo to do that.  It's also often mistaken for the first release by the band, which it is not.  That was discussed previously, but there was a self released 7" that did not feature Ryan Pope on drums prior to this.   However, this was the first widely available release from the band and provided them the exposure that led them to a label deal with Doghouse.

Terrible Live Recording, but when they were still "kids"
A Newfound Interest in Massachusetts

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