Sunday, May 31, 2015

Langston Hughes Rhythms of the World Folkways Records 1955

Langston Hughes Rhythms of the World Folkways Records 1955 CAT# FC 7340

The fact that Folkways Records saw enough importance in Langston Hughes' poetry to record it is a pretty fantastic thing. The Lawrence, KS raised poet's voice is now with us, reading in his soft, but confident voice, some of the very poems that made him famous. This album is based and contains parts of his bock, "The First Book of Rhythms", by Hughes.

As the title implies, it's rhythmic poetry and the recording contains numerous sound effects to provide examples of rhythm. From a Kentucky folk song, to washboard, to just nature sounds, it's all used here to empathize the music in poetry.

The album was designed for children. In fact, this copy was once housed in the Somerset School Library of Overland Park, KS. The school no longer exists, but I imagine the record left the library long before it closed its doors. The idea of school children sitting in a circle around a tiny little record player, listening to Langston Hughes, that's a pretty great thought.

Rhythms of the World

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