Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dactyls S/T 7" Blanket Records 2008

Dactyls S/T 7" Blanket Records 2008 NO CAT#

Dig this 7", a lot. The Dactyls are/were a Lawrence band formed in 2001. They sound like mid-90's North Carolina. Just crunchy, guitar driven indie rock, recorded as best they could, probably in a basement. At the time of the release of this 7", the band was still pretty active doing shows in Lawrence and KC. Even did a tour releasing a split 7" for the road. However, I don't think they're around anymore.

The 7" is a pretty homespun package. But, the sleeve is hand numbered indicating the band only pressed 300 copies. The sleeve has screen pressed artwork and the vinyl is quality, don't know the gram weight on a 7", but if it was a 12", it'd be 180 gram vinyl. Also cool, the band provided a CDR of the tunes to you know, listen to in your car or on a CD Walkmen.

The tunes are great. Again, very much a product of the North Carolina in the 90's. But, that's a scene that should still exist. Apparently, Dan Benson formerly of Vitreous Humor once sat behind the drums for these guys, which, yeah, considering what Vitreous Humor sounded like, he fits in perfectly. However, he's not featured on this release.

Bandcamp Page, new stuff up until 2012, except the album was recorded in 2010

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