Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Gaslight Gaslite Gang 1980 Private 1980

Some pretty hip outfits and sweet facial hair.
The Gaslight Gaslite Gang 1980 Private 1980 NO CAT#

Paul Gray was a KU undergrad from 1965 to 1969. He started this group and opened his own Jazz House in 1972, later which was renamed the Jazzhaus. Paul Gray fronted his own house band and led a small Lawrence Jazz scene during the time. The band actually did get some pub, appearing on an early reality TV show titled 'Your All-American College Show' plus were featured on an Andy Griffith TV Special, but, never made any major label recordings.

The group is pretty standard, swing and bop, nothing groundbreaking. Sometimes they get a bit New Orleans and Dixie, but I find the band more rooted in the KC Swing sound. What's funny about the release is the multiple errors that adorn the jacket and label. For one, according to the cover, the LP is by the Gaslight Gang and titled, Paul Gray's Jazz Place Proudly Present the Gaslight Gang. The backside, shows an over-the-top bio and would have you believe the title of the album is Gassing With Gray. Yet, the title I'm going to use here is the the record label, which simply states Gaslite Gang 1980 (notice, the change in the spelling of Gaslight).
 It's a pleasant, easy to listen to live recording.

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