Monday, May 25, 2015

Shyboys Life is Peachy B/W Follow the Leader High Dive Records 2014

Shyboys 45 EP High/Dive Records 2014 CAT# HDR005

If I had the energy to continually get up and flip sides, I would wear this 45 out. More lo-fi, Beach Boys influenced pop from Kansas City's Shyboys.

"Life is Peachy" on side A is perfect. It may be lifted or have some borrowed chord progressions, but soaked in all this honesty and lo-fidelity, it doesn't really matter. Things are fast, the drums sound trashy, and the guitars twang. But, those sun-drenched whispered vocals and harmonies, that's the sweet spot. Just makes you want to play it again and again.

The B-Side, "Follow the Leader", isn't on the same level as "Life is Peachy," but it's a solid tune. Slow and drenched in the same type of thing that makes the A-Side great. It's just a bit too long for it's own good, but the length gives it a super-lazy Sunday vibe which is kinda nice.

Life Is Peachy

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