Friday, May 22, 2015

The Casket Lottery Real Fear No Sleep Records 2012

The Casket Lottery Real Fear No Sleep Records 2012 CAT# NSR063

This was released almost decade after the previous Casket Lottery LP, so in that regard, it can be called a comeback album. Listening to it, it can certainly feel that way. It's not as angry and aggressive as the prior albums. It takes in a much wider array of influences. It's more sophisticated than the prior work. Skill sets have changed and the band explores it.

This all sounds great, but to the kids stuck in early 2000s emo-bubbles, it's just okay. Even though the fans of the band have likely grown-up, that's not what they want out of their high school heroes. At this point, the Casket Lottery are in their 30's, long gone are the teenage problems they screamed about over the course of several albums. They probably have kids now and wives (or divorces) and relationships centered around adult problems, not teenage drama. It's an age where just out of fucking nowhere, Jeff Tweedy and Wilco make all the sense in the world. Punk rock politics seem trivial and you start to realize Fugazi (despite being incredible at any age) isn't the only band that matters.

It all shows on this LP. It's great, just like everything Casket Lottery did, the quality is here. Further, it's improved. The songs are spaced out, the groove is considered and the band attempts to crossover their punk influences into new tricks and influences works to a great extent. But, unfortunately, their fans wanted Moving Mountains Mach 2. So despite never losing their sound, only maturing, this album is doomed to be lesser Casket Lottery by the band's fans. Which is fine, I just hope when they get into Wilco, they give this another chance.

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