Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Marcy Tinger Marcy Sings Nursery Rhymes Word 1967

Marcy Tigner Marcy Sings Nursery Rhymes Word 1967 CAT# K-702

There is a full post on the artist behind the ventriloquist doll, Little Marcy or by this LP, simply Marcy. The voice was Marcy Tigner who prior to going to the great Northwest for music fame was a Wichita, Kansas native. Prior to putting out a kajillion weirdo children's religious albums, she actually did a few albums of her own as a trombone player.

All her Little Marcy albums (and there's an insane amount) are equally as creepy and in today are awful confusing. Why was the idea of a ventriloquist doll on record a good thing? Isn't the entertainment value in watching the actual ventriloquist hide their vocals?

Anyway, as far as Little Marcy's deep catalog is concerned, this is the album that gets the hype. Pretty sure it was once featured on David Letterman's Dave's Record Collection bit and it's also the topic of numerous blog posts. It doesn't have the creepy stage banter between the actual Marcy Tigner and her doll as the album is just the doll doing well-known nursery rhymes with basic back musical drops (oddly all of which are copyrighted despite being open to everyone even in 1967). What it does have though is the a rendition of "I Love Little Pussy." Because, as a traditional nursery rhyme, "I Love Little Pussy" already ranks up there with the best dick and fart jokes, but a creepy doll singing it, that's next level stuff.

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  1. Awesome...the last thing I expected to see was Little Marcy!