Monday, May 18, 2015

Get Smart! Swimming With Sharks Restless/Fever Records 1986

Get Smart! Swimming With Sharks Restless/Fever Records 1986 CAT# 72111-1

Great band that came out of the Lawrence, KS scene of the 1980's. This album represents their second full length on the Fever Records imprint of independent label, Restless Records. It's also representative of the band after their relocation to Chicago, IL. Still, listening to it, it's straight Lawrence 80's scene.

Get Smart! pal'd around with the likes of the Embarrassment, the Micronotz, and other like college bands in Lawrence. Clever, choppy, dance-rock, not too far off from what groups like Pylon were doing in another college scene in Georgia and like Pylon, Get Smart! featured female vocals as well.

This album is basically stripped down new-wave. No synth, more guitar, but dance-able. It's punk at it's heart, but Get Smart! is a bit past the hardcore kids that were rolling through towns in the 80s. They served the college scene well.

Gold to Rust

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