Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils Self-Titled A&M 1973

The Ozark Mountain Daredevils Self-Titled A&M 1973 CAT# 0598

There's like a kajillion guys in this band, enough to keep them going long after this debut in some form or another. Pretty sure you can still see them play around town every month.

The group was formed in Springfield, MO, thus the band name, Ozark Mountain Dare Devil. Their Kansas City connection lies in their management, Good Karma Productions, the same that managed Brewer & Shipley, Danny Cox, and a few other locals. Further, they were discovered by Brewer & Shipely while playing the Cowtown Ballroom in KC. So there KC roots are legit.

The music is pretty Springfield, though. It's not bluegrass or hillbilly, but it uses the mountain influences. You'd probably be better off buying a Dillards LP if you want the real stuff. But, the Daredevils blended some old-time sounds into a modern pop format. Their sound played to everyone, they could open for anyone with their brand of stoner-country. Also, worth pointing out, this LP did have the minor-hit, "If You Wanna Get to Heaven," which is a pretty solid good-ol' boy tune.

Black Sky
Daredevils-LIVE. Look at these fuckin' hipsters

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