Saturday, January 30, 2016

Wilmas Songs About Girls Leftover Records 1989

Wilmas Songs About Girls Leftover Records 1989 NO CAT

I try to listen to this impartially, but I can't. This was a band formed by Jon Harrison of Lawrence, KS, who I came to know shopping at Love Garden records. He's this insanely tall guy and insanely nice. He sold me some of my favorite records based on his tastes. Let's Active, 3 O' Clock, The Nerves, I could go on and on with all the power pop this guy threw at me, his taste is impeccable.

Listening to his early EP, it's so Jon Harrison. It's power-pop, REM jangle, and a bit of punk. It's like talking with records with the guy.

It was obviously issued by the band as something to peddle as they were playing shows in and around Lawrence, KS. They pressed up a double 7" release, which is odd. Could have done two 7" releases, or combined it all into a 10" or 12" EP, but the uniqueness of a double 7" EP is kind of fun, there's 5 songs in all.

The songs are all strong and it's a shame no one is seeking this out. Maybe it's a bit too pleasant, had the band created a tougher sound collectors might take more notice. But, there's a ton of heartbreak, jangly guitars and good harmonies, it's everything you'd want from 80's indie, maybe a bit late in the game by 1989, but that's relative, and a solid collection of tunes. Further, the title, Songs About Girls, is probably the most accurate title ever as it applies to approximately 50% of all music ever released.

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