Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Marguerite Thompson & Cindy Schroer Self-Titled Private 1980

Marguerite Thompson & Cindy Schroer Self-Titled Private 1980 CAT #D-1059 008080X

This is a relgious folk album from a female folk duo that appear to be out of Leavenworth, Kansas. At least the LP thanks the student and faculty at Saint Mary College in Leavenworth, KS. The duo recorded the LP in Chapman Studios in Kansas City.

Initially when I saw it, I had my hopes for femme-folk, but reviewing the songs, it's far too religious for that, this is Jesus music on the Catholic spectrum with harmonies influenced by services in the Church. Outside of the religious tracks, they do some traditional folk songs and a few originals. It's well done and Marguerite and Cindy's voices work together well. However, it's no long lost treasure, just pleasant for what it is.

What drew me in was the artwork on the front cover. There is the hands drawn all over hand written font. Looking at the words, it's just a random collection of names, thank yous, phrases, and more names. I can't seem to make sense of where the message starts if there is one, The names all over the place from Darth Vader to Bob Dylan, so it's interesting. Once I looked at the backside to review the tracks, I wasn't as interested. Bit too religious for $3 the store was asking. I almost put it back until I happened to peak in the sleeve to find two signed cards.

Initially I thought they were two hand-written cards one from each performer, turns out it's one hand-written card and a photo-copy of the same card. The card reads:

Don Raymond:
I think God made a really beautiful person in you. Thanks for the the gift of yourself! Have a very Merry Christmas and I hipe you enjoy this amateur endeavor my friend Cindy and I put together.
P.S. You're a great teacher!

So, despite not being that interested in the LP based on the tracks listed, I can't resist stuff like this. It's so personal. It feels like it should never be discarded or forgotten about. I feel like I need to keep it safe until someone comes calling for it.

I researched Don Raymond, what I came across is a blurb  in the Leavenworth newspaper that he may have been a music instructor at Saint Mary College. He obviously helped influence the sounds here so I'll keep this LP safe, just in case his family ever needs to know his legacy. Also, there's an instrumental on on the second side that's pretty good.

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