Sunday, January 10, 2016

Cowboy Indian Bear/It's True Foolish B/W The Bridge The Record Machine 2010

Cowboy Indian Bear/It's True Foolish B/W The Bridge The Record Machine 2010 CAT# TRM 019

I used to have all these really great split 7"s back in the day. Loved them. It was such an economical way to get something from a band you liked and possibly get into a band you've never heard. Or, you'd get a couple songs from two of your favorite bands on the same 7". They were special, many times it'd be the only way to grab a certain song, or you'd get a preview of an album track prior the full length release (and it would often be an alternate version).

It's not the same anymore for the split 7" EP. With the vinyl resurgence, they still try to push these out in front of everyone, but too often a 7" isn't cheap. $7 to $10 for two songs you can download on Bandcamp for a $1 doesn't make a whole lot of sense. It made sense when you got something special for less than $5, but anymore, 7"s cost too much. Which is a shame, because more people would probably end up with good ones like this if they weren't such a cost prohibitive format.

Either way, this is a great 7" put out by the Record Machine, The Cowboy Indian Bear track, "Foolish" doesn't feature female vocals like many of their songs, but makes up for it with an opening that could be confused for something by the Sea & Cake. It's True is a band from Omaha, NE, their track fits right in with the whimsical Record Machine sound, but unfortunatly, it doesn't appear the band is active any longer and didn't put out much in the way of releases.

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