Sunday, January 24, 2016

Danny Cox Feel So Good Casablanca 1974

Danny Cox Feel So Good Casablanca 1974 CAT# NBLP 7008

Danny Cox was a KC transplant, brought to the city after teaming up with Good Karma management in KC. His early work is primarily as a folk artist with a soulful voice and a steady acoustic guitar. This LP found him on the Casablanca label, known for their over the top production of both rock and disco artists.

For what could have turned into an absolute disaster, Cox turned in a decent album of some original tunes. Reviewing his past releases, you can sense that his label tipped the tracks into the soul/disco realm, but Cox isn't completely drowned out. There is still a sense of his roots throughout the album and some of the funk elements add to the LP.

It has become is best known LP as it had some promotion behind it and fit in well with it's times. It's a dance album and has a lot of groove. It wasn't enough of a success to continue on the Casablanca label, but it was a worthy attempt at finding a larger audience.

Hot Down In Chile

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