Sunday, January 3, 2016

Chuck Cowan Phonograph Record Generic Phonograph Records Unknown Year

Chuck Cowan Phonograph Record Generic Phonograph Records Unknown Year CAT# NR12966

From what can be gathered, Chuck Cowan was a native Kansan, who toured and tried his luck out West as a musician. He is a member of the rockabilly hall of fame, likely for his work with Bob Willis and the Texas Playboys, but he stretched out much further than that. He played guitar for a number of well known artists, Sammy Davis Jr., Keely Smith, Don Ho, among others.

Currently, he resides near the KC Metro. At the time of this oddball release, which the year is unknown, but would guess early 80's, possibly the late-70s, he was in and around Emporia, KS. He's got a pretty sharp sense of humor displayed on the LP jacket. For one, no label for his private press release other than stating Generic Phonograph Records of Oceanview, KS. Obviously, there is no Oceanview, KS, because there's no Ocean anywhere to view. He provides a guarantee that, "This album Is Not a Retread." And, obviously the title, not really clever, but humorous.

The music is all over the place with Chuck Cowan's humor sprinkled throughout. It's focus is primarily country/western sounds, but there's a genuine pysch-blues track and songs too rooted in folk to be country. Heck, there's even a song sung in Spanish. The variety on the LP makes it an interesting and worthwhile listen. Cowan either challenged himself not to be stuck in a single genre or just got bored with the last song he recorded. Either way, it highlights his talents and the LP never gets old after repeated listens.

Chuck Cowan Show

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