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The Sensational Little Shana Lynette On Her Way Up Yellow Brick Records Unknown Year

The Sensational Little Shana Lynette On Her Way Up Yellow Brick Records Unknown Year CAT YB 2001

Shana Lynette was a child performer around Pittsburgh, Kansas. Apparently, she gained some sort of notoriety or regional attention with a Christmas song entitled, "Mister Russian, Please Don't Shoot Down Santa's Sleigh," which in turn convinced people to record a full length LP.

Reviewing the credits, the album was put together by producer Gene Strasser and songwriter Jim Iori. Can't find much on Jim Iori, but Strasser is still out in Pittsburgh, KS recording and pushing his tunes around. Back cover indicates Shana was growing up in Elk City, KS, and 9 years old when she recorded the Christmas tune, 10 years old when she sang the songs here. Mostly, she was the vessel for Iori and Strasser. Interesting though, the back cover indicates she is a distant relative of the legendary Bob Willis. Today, she also can be found on the internet still singing country tunes.

As far as quality, well, it's privately issued country music sung by a 10 year old. For a 10 year old, I guess it's okay. For a country production team in Pittsburgh, Kansas, I guess it's alright. But, being just okay or alright doesn't get you very far, especially if you're trying to get there from Nowhere, Kansas. Had they attempted something novelty like the Red, White and Blue of their Christmas song, maybe there would be something here to remember, even if it was just a bad joke, but there's not.

Despite the middle of the road-ness found on the album, it makes up for it with all it's Kansas. Shana's got the cowgirl-Western apparel. The label is Yellow Brick Records, a homage to The Wizard of Oz. The cover even has a tornado in the background.

Angel in the Snow
Daddy's Song

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