Friday, January 29, 2016

Namelessnumberheadman Wires Reply St. Ives 2007

Namelessnumberheadman Wires Reply St. Ives 2007 CAT# SAINT20

Namelessnumberheadman were Okie's that relocated to KC, because, you know, Oklahoma. The band's debut came out on Kansas City's no defunct Urinine label in 2002. Due to Urinine's relative obscurity, there debut is usually cited as 2003's Your Voice Repeating, released on Kansas City's the Record Machine as a CD only release. Your Voice Repeating was meet with rave reviews due to the post-modern mess of sounds, big Flaming Lips-esque drums, acoustic guitars and a constant barrage of electronic sounds.

However, by the time of this release in 2007, the band's sound was no longer as original as it was in 2003. A swarm of Postal Service type bands were employing playful electronics throughout their releases. Despite other bands catching up to Namelessnumberheadman, it doesn't change the fact that this is a great LP.

The songs have these huge drums, they're brought out front surrounded by all these bedroom electronic sounds and the small voices the band sings in. It doesn't rock or anything, but the drums give the tracks a lot of soul. The band experiments more than others that were exploring the same sound, so repeated listens are necessary. These are complicated pop tracks with a lot of layers. Also rad, the vinyl edition of the release has a hand painted cover, which has been done before, but that type of thing never gets old.


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