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Tom Bark Cosmopolitan Redskin Leprechaun Records 1977

Tom Bark Cosmopolitan Redskin Leprechaun Records 1977 CAT# MON 1977 711 x 53

I can find more info about the guys Tom Bark associated than I can find about the actual composer of the album. Apparently, in the early days of rock n' roll Tom Bark was hanging out with the crowd surrounding Larry Emmett & The Sliders, which was an early rock n' roll band in the area. If you couldn't figure it out by the album cover, Tom Bark is Native American as was Larry Emmett. I believe the two formed a somewhat well-known band originally called Colt 45, but later renamed the KC Blues Band in the early 70's. That band stayed together loosely up until recent times.

Stepping away from the KC Blues Band, Tom Bark cut this album in 1977. It sounds very 1977. The production is slick and gives the LP a dated sound. The albums sound is all over the place, which doesn't give Bark much of an identity. He does some modern blues numbers, country tunes, and with KC gunslinger Terry Swope on guitars, he even borders on hard rock/heavy psych for an ending of a tune. 

Bark is best when he focuses on his country rock leanings. The sound doesn't feel forced and the production serves it better. The country waltz of "Wandering Pollyanna" is a highlight. You'd think the label, Leprechaun Records, is a private thing, but they had at least one other release in the 80's and there are possibly other releases out there. The label was located in Kansas City, MO.

Two tracks with terrible sound quality

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