Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pete Eye Self Titled Mary Jane Productions 1978

Pete Eye Self Titled Mary Jane Productions 1978 CAT# SRK-3532

Poor self-titled Pete Eye LP. No one gives a chance. Sure, you're cover is a terrible self-potrait in terribly dated clothing. And after seeing that cover, most people think creepy, white-gospel music or something worse. But, you're not that bad. Sure, there's no "Cissy Strut" like the self-titled Pete Eye Trio LP, but it's the same basic idea...yet, no one cares, no one gives you a chance.

You do however get a bit arrogant and take a lot of heart out of your jazz numbers in favor of technical piano work. That's great, but what's the point in the jazz format, some of us like to dance...and you just keep showing off on the keyboards, over and over. I mean the first song is over 8 minutes of it; nobody has time for that.

Maybe people did give you a chance, after the groovy sounds of the Pete Eye Trio LP, they had to. They just got bored with all the piano masturbation. They went out for a smoke, came back, same piano ramblings going on over a bass and drum duo. Sure, there's moments, but there's no "Cissy Strut." It's just a lot of showing off.

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