Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Mad-Hatters Self Titled Unknown Year

The Mad-Hatters Self Titled Unknown Year CAT# LP-01

The Mad-Hatters are a female folk duo that somehow managed to get the green light from the Greene County Tuberculosis Society to do an album spreading respiratory disease awareness, specifically, tuberculosis.

Based on the cover and the musicianship, these gals appear to be actual nurses that did music as a hobby. The two rework a number of traditional folk tunes and children's songs to spread awareness on respiratory disease and it's prevention.  To fund research for the diseases, the gals recommend you purchase "Christmas Seals" as the best way to help the cause.

What's tough to figure out is if these girls were performing from venue to venue with a heap of Christmas wrap and a pile of albums to obtain funds for medical research. The Christmas stuff, that makes sense, people buy that. The performances, yeah, that's reasonable. The songs are pleasant enough, the Mad-Hatters knock down each well-known melody down to a minute or two and it's just the two girls signing with one playing guitar, the songs are humorous and it wouldn't appear these girls were taking this too seriously, so yeah, playing a goofy, make-shift performance to get people over to you, that makes sense. But, selling an album? That's where things get strange.

Who threw down money, even for a good cause, two hobbyists singing about emphysema and TB sounds awful. And while the tracks won't offend anybody for being awful (again, kind of pleasant) they aren't good or something you'd want to play again and again. It's obvious some folks watched the performances and said, "You gals should put out an album," but that shit was out of politeness. The Mad-Hatters ran with it and requested the funds apparently. There is 19 songs on this album with titles like, "Chronic Bronchitis", "Pneumonoultramicrospicsilicovolcanokoniosis", "I Had Tuberculosis", and "TB Girls".  Who would buy that?

Needless to say, out of politeness, a few people did. And who knows, maybe the album made some money for research.  It's just strange that stuff like this exists.