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Bureman & O'Rourke Strawberry Pickin's Pearce Records 1974

Bureman & O'Rourke Strawberry Pickin's Pearce Records 1974 CAT# 42550

This is a solid LP put out by Pearce and, like most Pearce Recordings, it was done in the Cavern Studios of Independence, MO. The band's later release was discussed here, but this is the more sought after of the two. The LP has sold for hefty amounts thanks to buzz terms like "Rural Folk," "Psych Folk", and "Acid Archives" in which the album is discussed, however, it's a little more basic than all that. It's a well done country rock album, a bit more rural than something like the Eagles, and a bit more mellow than the stuff the Byrds were doing in the 70's. It's value is probably also aided by the Pearce label which collectors have seemed to latch onto.

On the top of the back cover, Bureman & O'Rourke indicate to the listener that the songs featured here are were selected by fans at Putche's Strawberry Patch (clever title now, right?) in Kansas City. It's a collection of some well thought out covers and decent original material. Like other bands that frequented the Strawberry Patch, they do play through some bluegrass at speed, but these guys keep it pretty mellow otherwise. The original song, "Genevieve", is a good example of what the two were capable of. Solid harmonies, haunting melodies, and desire to story tell with their songs.

Other highlights include the cover of "Fox and the Run" as a bluegrass number. The adapted version of "K.T.A." by the group with Kansas towns thrown in throughout is fun. The band's tune "86 Proof" is a spirited attempt at a rock song, it's amusing but falls a bit short. They get all yacth rock with a Kenny Loggins "Love Song," which isn't as bad as it should be, kind of pleasant. Their original tune, "Chanson de L'Oiseau", has some teeth to it and one of their strongest original tunes on the LP, despite the idea of the song being about the middle finger.


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