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The Life and Times No One Loves You Like I Do Hawthorne Street Records 2012

The Life and Times No One Loves You Like I Do Hawthorne Street Records 2012 HSR 035

Another LP by the Life and Times which was initially released as a CD, then released on vinyl. This one, the same year as the initial CD which was done by Slimstyle Records.  Coincidentally, the band released it's newest album, Lost Bees, on CD with Slimstyle Records which was later released on vinyl in the same fashion (I haven't picked it up yet, but it's good from the bits I've heard).

Anyway, No One Loves You Like I Do, is a great album. It sounds a bit more in line with the band members post-hardcore roots than the prior, it's like a really slow moving Shiner album. It's heavy on the slowness and building of songs...in fact, the whole album, every track, builds into the next, there's no dead air, just the next song. It's got it's math aspects, very technical throughout. Kids will call it shoegaze, but to me, that's still a British thing so I prefer the term post-rock.

It's one downfall is the track titles are pretentious. Songs are titled Days 1 through 12, but in different order. Who does The Life and Times think they are?  Emerson, Lake, and Palmer? Captin Beyond? It comes off super prog-rock. And, I'm sure there's a "meaning" to it and if I tried hard enough, I might be able to explain...it's probably about a girl. All is forgiven though as the songs and the kick ass and more than make up for the secret meaning behind song titles (drums are the highlight).

Day Eleven (LIVE)

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