Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just Another Pop Album The Titan Sampler Titan 1980

Just Another Pop Album The Titan Sampler Titan 1980 CAT# 8001

Years ago, when I was heavily into power pop, I had this LP and cherished it.  I had never came across any of the 45s put out by Titan and was turned onto the label by a good friend from the Love Garden.  At that time, this was pretty easy to come by as rumor had it the Titan guys had boxes of them still untouched.

Then, in a moment of complete un-clarity, I dumped a bunch of my power pop collection. This was included in that sell off. A Canadian bought it for $10, hope they enjoyed the crap out of it. At the time, I figured I could get another if needed or locate the 45s. Of course, when I wanted it back I couldn't find it as the Titan label became somewhat of a 'thing'. I still haven't ever seen one of the 45s...

A month or so ago, a friend sent me a photo of this with a .99 cent price tag. He hooked it up and I'm glad to have it back. Apparently, the Titan guys still have some, but I haven't seen them around (stores and shows ain't my bag anymore) and once I got the box set from the Numero Group, this is almost unnecessary.

All the songs are featured on the amazing package put together by Numero Group.  But, when you have this it feels like you're archiving a piece of history. This failed Kansas City label and it's roster put a lot of hard work into this comp. Great cover, great songs, just something that is fun to have.

J.P. McClain & the Intruders Just Another Pop Song

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