Sunday, March 6, 2016

City Light Orchestra "Tain't What Cha Do City Light Records 1985

City Light Orchestra "Tain't What Cha Do City Light Records 1985 CAT# CL102

I thought I had discussed multiple City Light Orchestra releases by this point, but apparently, only just one (Light Orchestra). Looking at that release, appears they were using the moniker the Light Orchestra, but by this release, changed to City Light Records.

Like the prior, this is surprisingly good. I dig the vocalist, David Basse, who has a rough delivery. He's not a perfect singer, but his gimmick works. He's likely trying to channel some Louis Armstrong, but sometimes he has enough gravel in his voice to remind you of a cleaned up Tom Waits.

The album does suffer from some stylized production typical of the 1980's. When it goes that direction, it's loses it's appeal, becomes more about style than it does jazz. Oddly, the group traveled to Cerrillos, New Mexico to record the album, for a Kansas City based jazz group, but whatever floats their boat. Also, the cover would never give anyone the idea this is a jazz LP, cover makes you think terrible new-wave.

David Basse, still making the rounds, apparently

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