Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mike the Mic Untouchable Plus: Queen of Seduction No Label Unknown Year

Mike the Mic Untouchable Plus: Queen of Seduction No Label Unknown Year NO CAT#

If you see random hip-hop out of Kansas City for a dollar, you're going to buy it, right? I mean, KC isn't much of a hip-hop town, sure, there is a scene and we have Tech N9ne, but it's not a genre we're known for. So if you see it, you got to buy just out of curiosity.

There's nothing out there on this 12", so it's hard to know just how rare it is. A friend of mine found a perfect copy that he's trying to sell on eBay and that's about all you can find online. From the looks and the sound, it's late-80's hip-hop. It's pretty typical with Mike's constant bragging about being an "MC from KC" as well as some business about how ladies love him, etc. It's filled with insane amount of samples that if it were a commercial release, even in the late-80's wouldn't be possible, let alone something you could do today.

For what it is, it's fun. The first side features a radio mix and a party mix of "Untouchable." The party mix drops a lot of Mike's rap in favor of turntable scratches and studio effects. The flip side features a radio mix and long mix of a slow jam called, "Queen of Seduction." The track is a weird amateur mix of LL Cool J "I Need Love" and Late 80's to early 90's Slow Jamz. It'll make you think this may have been released in the 90's, but who knows. Either way, the attempt at the soul/hip-hop hybrid is kind of entertaining if you're into all things amateur.

Sound clip my friend trying to sell a copy made...

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