Monday, March 7, 2016

Blubird S/T Private 1982

Nice headband, bro

Blubird S/T Private 1982 CAT# BB101

Internet research indicates these guys are from the Hays, Kansas area. Apparently, the two main songwriters, Tony Pfiefer and Fulton Calvery, were in a 50's retro-rock band called Jimmy Dee and the Destinations (I actually have an album, just haven't gotten to it) in the late-70's and early 80's. By 1982, they left the Destinations to form this band, Blubird. In addition to putting out a private press LP, they apparently made there way throughout Kansas in places like Manhattan to play to the K-State crowd. Following this band, it appears a whole bunch of Pfiefer's started a band called the Heat that made an appearance on Star Search. There may be some of those Pfiefer's on outside of Tony on this record, but I just got photos and songwriter credits.

Mullet City was apparently Hays, KS, 1982
The cover of this is just awful...the bad 80's graphics, the terrible clothes, and seriously, all 4 guys are rocking a variation on a mullet. It certainly stinks of Western, Kansas. Outside of the look, there isn't many clues as to what the Blubird were all about. Maybe there was a lyric sheet at one point, but there's nothing indicating who or where these guys are from.

The cover is also a good lead into their sound. Not a skinny-tie, new-wave, thing, but more in the vein of Loverboy power-pop. That could mean really awful things and in parts, like a cover of "Mony Mony", it is. But, for the most part, it's not that bad. It's pleasant middle-of-the-road power-pop teetering on some AOR influences.

On albums like this the hope is for one really killer track. Unfortunately, it's not here. Some of the more power-pop tracks get dangerously close, but the band is too reliant on the AOR pomp of influences like Journey and Foreigner. Again, it's not terrible, it's just nothing stand out and far too typical for rock music in the 80's.


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