Monday, March 21, 2016

Marilyn Maye Step to the Rear RCA 1967

Marilyn Maye Step to the Rear RCA 1967 CAT# LSP 3897

Accidentally bought two copies of this LP, but to my surprise, I ended up with two different variants. One of which would appear to be an original 1967 black label RCA, the other, a later pressing on an orange RCA label. The later pressing would speak volumes to the Kansas City singers popularity, I mean, if they had to repress LPS, apparently there was once a substantial market for the singer.

The differences between these two are minimal, but as you can see in the photo, the original has a green backdrop while the other has a blueish color used in the backdrop. What's also odd is the label on the repress reads, "Make Mine Marilyn Maye" rather than the title, 'Step to the Rear.' The track listing and everything else is the same. Even the stampers in the dead wax read the same. Makes you wonder if perhaps RCA was initially going to repackage the LP as a budget title in a separate cover to capitalize on some television appearance or jump in popularity for the singer, but at the last second, just decided to use the same cover with a slight alteration.

It's not a bad album, in her show tunes style, she covers some hits of the day. "Ode to Billy Joe" is well, groovy. There's also this over-the-top, sultry, version of Bobby Hebb's "Sunny", which is kind of fun.

Step to the Rear

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