Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Blue Things Listen & See! RCA 1966

The Blue Things Listen & See! RCA 1966 LSP-3603

This is an original stereo copy of this LP I recently picked up.  I've already talked about it's greatness on a reissue copy I have.  This just kind of displays the sickness of record collecting.  The reissue is fine, it plays clean, it's quiet, but it'll never be as good as finding an original item.  While I'd prefer a copy in mono copy (more proof collecting records is a sickness and not a hobby) I leaped at the chance to purchase this.

Admittedly, the reissue copy I have is nothing to write home about it.  I have a feeling the thing was sourced from a CD rather than the original masters.  The music on this original leaps off the stereo, parts of the reissue seem a bit buried and not as alive.  So despite what may seem like an unneeded investment, I'm pretty happy about it (even with some surface noise in the dead wax and quieter passages).

Anyway, I picked up this legendary Hays, KS band from a kid in Olathe, KS.  He's a pretty young guy (maybe in his 20's), but he runs a booth at an Olathe antique mall called Green Expressions where I've spent some time digging.  Actually, on a whim I picked up the Cole Hunter 7" there and it turns out it's his brother.  My dad has gotten to know the kid and was telling me about how he went to his house once and dug through some stuff.  Awhile back, I had found some really killer stuff at his booth and the store employee told me the guy was talking about 800 records he had picked up and planned to bring in soon.  Considering I was pretty happy with the purchases I made, I called my dad and asked if he could hook up a visit to the dude's house.

My old man came through and we went over.  He showed us what he was willing to part with (there wasn't anywhere near 800 records) and showed us a crate that was "special" for a party at the antique mall and mentioned he wasn't willing to sell those records, yet.  Needless to say, I flipped through that crate.  This Blue Things LP was just staring at me so I had to ask if he'd part with it early.  He sold it to me cheap and explained his philosophy, he'll take the quick nickel instead of holding out for the right guy to show up at an Olathe antique mall to give him the slow dime.

I was stoked and thought I should shout about his spot in Olathe (which my dad would prefer a secret).  He sells some good records, nothing seems to exceed a $20 price point.  He's having a party at GREEN EXPRESSIONS out in the parking lot on May 30th with a bunch of new records to flip through.  If you like records, you should go...seriously, good prices on a lot of things.  He's got an absurd amount of Zeppelin records people should buy.

Blue Things-Girl of the North Country

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