Saturday, May 24, 2014

Cheap Beer Compilation Replay Records 2011

Cheap Beer Compilation Replay Records 2011 CAT# RR001

Sweet compilation filled with short, noisy, punk rock from Lawrence and Kansas City bands.  It came out back in late-2011 and was limited to 500 copies.  It's still around, but don't snooze if you see one and don't have a copy already.

The packaging for this thing is incredible.  Front side you get the corner of 10th & Massachusetts and a zombiefied version of the Replay Lounge.  Backside shows you the Jackpot Saloon.  Favorite part about the release is that they used a Pabst Blue Ribbon box cut out and printed the track listing on the back.  I know, you're thinking PBR is crap and hipsters just need to stop.  Seriously, though, the Replay Lounge has been serving PBR from a tap since their existence.  Long before a hipster fashion sense, there were kids at the Replay drinking PBR from a plastic cup for a dollar.  #trendsetters

This release started up the Replay Lounge as a label, since it's release the bar has put out a handful of 7"s and a Red Kate full length (which I need to pick up, it's also limited to 500).  Their approach was to just take the best tunes the bands had to offer.  Most of these tracks are available on a full length or EP or website downloads.

However, most tracks aren't available in the vinyl format.  So, in 2011, you got the best the bands had to offer on vinyl.  Solid approach, obscure compilation tracks were great fit in the late 90's, but these locals aren't sporting huge followings, better to just get the tunes out there.  Everything is worth a listen if you're into noisy, punk rock and garage sounds.

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