Saturday, May 24, 2014

Berwanger T.K. Webb Split 7" Creme Tangerine 2013

Berwanger T.K. Webb Split 7" Creme Tangerine 2013 CAT# CTR-003

Nifty release on hot pink vinyl.  This was put out by a small label, Creme Tangerine, in 2013.  As far as 7"s go, solid packaging, the pink vinyl is cool, the label contrasts nicely, the artwork and printing are attractive, but simple.  Also, Josh Berwanger was behind most of the artwork and design, so pretty DIY accept the actual label part.

From my understanding, it was Josh Berwanger's first output as a solo artist.  You can tell since it's drenched in a sound reminiscent of his work with the Anniversary.  Bit of a dance rock groove with synth effects all over the place.  It's got a good hook and the Anniversary-ness to is welcome in relation to the Only Ones. He's not doing this sound anymore, if you've heard Berwanger's newest stuff, dude is obsessed with power pop sounds.  He's doing an upcoming release for Sid Sowder and Too Much Rock which is due out in early June.  That release promises to be full on 1978 style.

The flip side features a home recording from T.K. Webb entitled, "Fuck the Police."  I think the song uses the phrase once and I'm not a huge fan of using a title that borrows from N.W.A., but whatever.  It's a a decent rural, folk-blues jam.  Homemade style, so it's still rough around the edges.

Nifty Label, Super-Indie, Creme Tangerine

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