Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Center North Music Department Century Records 1969

Center North Music Department Century Records 1969

I got too many of these types of LPs...a while back, DJ Shadow did some cool stuff with high school and college band/vocal LPs like this, so I started picking them up when I saw them thinking I'd strike gold.

For the most part, they are all typically the same.  Loads of crap that no one needs to hear with moments of brilliance here and there.  Most of them feature insanely Christian Gospell songs.  Which, I'm not saying is bad, but, it's just amusing that in the 60's and 70's it was expected to sing overtly religious songs in school.  Today, if a music teacher even attempts it, things go South fast and before you know it, Fox News is doing story on your school.

Center North is a Kansas City, Missouri High School.  The first side is vocal, religious and pretty boring.  The Association's "Windy" is pleasant, but meh.  The B-Side is far better, but still, meh.  They run through another version of "Windy", the Beatles' "Yesterday", and the "Mission Impossible Theme" is neat, so the fact that the kids were allowed to do some pop hits makes it kind of fun.  However, it isn't professional and the amateur aspect of the players doesn't make this time any more endearing, I bet the parents loved the LP, though.

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