Monday, May 19, 2014

TK Webb & The Visions Ancestor Kemado 2008

TK Webb & The Visions Ancestor Kemado 2008 CAT# KEM 079

Years ago, I saw a young TK Webb play a show with Proudentall...and someone else at the Bottleneck.  The performances were taped and simultaneously a CD-R was created to pass out to show goers.  Kind of a cool idea, pretty sure it was Matt Dunehoo's of Proudentall.  Wish I still had that CD somewhere so I could compare it to the more modern-day TK Webb.

Honestly, I don't remember the stuff on the CD being that great, just a bunch of blues riffs with some grumbling on vocals.  The Kansas City guitarist has done a TON of stuff since that show.  Played in the Only Ones, moved to New York, did some proper solo-releases and this project with a band dubbed the Visions.  This a bit more polished and slick.  Still blues-based riffs, but far more entertaining.

My only problem with his work is everybody that reviews it is so quick to call out all old blues legends, like Muddy Waters and Blind Willie Johnson.  Uhm, probably shouldn't being going that far back, the furthest anyone should go back is Eric Clapton, but yeah, that's dumb as well.  And, it's besides the point, because outside of blues based riffs, there's a lot of indie rock in Webb's tunes.  You could argue that the tunes found here are closer to Dinosaur Jr. than they are Muddy Waters.  Wait, there's really no argument, this has nothing to do with Muddy Waters outside of the electric guitar.

You see, when you start comparing dudes to blues legends and that guy is white, people just start thinking Jack White and the White Stripes.  While it'd be cool if all the White Stripes fans bought TK Webb albums, that it isn't going to happen.  Bigger point being, Jack White is lame hack.  Sure, he's a great guitarist and all, but c'mon, it's regurgitated songs, it's regurgitated albums...It's all getting boring and lame.  If you want to listen to an artist or band do the same album over and over, listen to AC/DC, they're better than the White Stripes.  If you want a challenge, then dig deep and discover stuff like TK Webb.


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