Friday, August 23, 2013

BE/NON A Mountain of Yeses Unipegadong Records 2009

BE/NON A Mountain of Yeses Unipegadong Records CAT #DONG-0001 2009

I don't have any hipster douchebag stories about this band, despite that the BE/NON moniker was kicking it in the KC scene back when I was a hipster douchbag.  It's not really a band, it's the brainchild of Kansas Citian Brodie Rush.  Since 1996 Brodie Rush has been releasing under this name with a host of musicians and friends appearing on the recordings.

I remember the band vaguely in their early days and thinking they sure tried awful hard to have edge.  The sound they were shooting for in the beginning was a bit out of range.  However, after picking this LP up awhile back, Brodie has definitely found out what works for him.

A Mountian of Yeses carries some heady tunes.  A bit early 70's prog clashed in with 80's post punk and synth pop.  It's ambitious and a challenging listen.  Everytime I listen to it, I honestly can't help but thinking that Muse should sound more like this.  I fucking hate Muse and I think it's because they take the prog/art rock form and experimentation and try to dumb it down for soccer moms, all while singing about total nonsense like "Blackholes and Revalations."  BE/NON seem to understand that they don't have to dumb down their shtick for other to enjoy it.  In fact, what's appealing about the LP is that you sense that Brodie Rush made this for himself.  He had it in his mind and got it out there, there was never a concern of impressing others or making fans, he just had some tunes in his head that he needed to get out there.  Also, TRUST ME, the whole Muse thing is just what I think when I listen to this LP.  BE/NON has nothing to do with that shit band.

Live Tune from the Album Release Party 

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