Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Singers Traveling Light Pearce Records Year Not Listed Cat #42270

So, my dad got this.  Admittedly, had I seen three girls on motorcycles on what appears to be a private press LP I would've have looked at it, too.  But, I would have quickly discarded it due to the religious subject matter.

My dad, though, he saw Kansas City plastered all over it and thought I had to have this.  Thanks Dad, but this is fucking awful.  First, they aren't just Christian, they're Jews for Jesus.  Being Jewish, that whole scene is just offensive.  Seriously, you're Christian and we all think it's cool you're finding a way to incorporate Jewish practices into your Christianity, that part we get.  However, kindling Shabbat candles and spitting out some Hebrew doesn't make you Jewish.  Whatever, motorcycle ladies, do your thing, though.

Admittedly, there is a record collecting scene centered around private press religious recordings.  I'm not sure what triggers collectors to search out certain albums, I assume it's a lot of word of mouth.  There are moments on this LP that aren't half bad.  Killer moog breaks on "I've Got Confidence," "Bright Sunshiney Day" done up as a Jesus cover isn't half bad, there's some unexpected fuzz guitar, and the last song "God's Might Spirit" is all out country rock jam, but outside of that, it is what you'd expect from private press, creepy white people, Gospel music--I don't think this album is going to hit anytime soon at astronomical price points.

Also of note and to the excitement of my father, Jim Wheeler recorded the LP at the Cavern in Independence, MO.  Jim Wheeler did some cool stuff after moving away from Kansas City with the likes of James Brown and John Hartford in Denver as sound engineer.  He had a solid career in the biz and it started in KC with albums like this.

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