Friday, August 2, 2013

The Get Up Kids Shorty B/W Breathing Method Huey Proudhon 1996

The Get Up Kids Shorty B/W Breathing Method Huey Proudhon 1996 CAT #HP016

True story: Ryan Pope, the known drummer of this band, offered this to me 1st Period in our Student Naturalist class.  He said to me, "Hey, you need this."
I looked at it and said, "Ryan, why don't you just give it to me?"
"I'm not on it, [he isn't] and we need money for the tour, otherwise I would."
"Ryan, did you bring a bunch of records to school?"  I replied.
"Yeah," as he showed me a backpack full of the 7"s.  "Dude, I'm like the one here that owns a record player, who the hell is going to buy these off of you?"  "Friends," he replied.
Fuck.  He had me there.  I had $5 in my pocket and it was for lunch, but there was my friend, trying to get money for an upcoming tour.  What the hell was I supposed to do?  "How much?"  I replied grudgingly.
"Three dollars."
"I have a five, do you have change?"
"No, not yet, but I'll sell some more and get you your change."

I never got my change.  But, I'm glad I purchased the record.  At the time I bought it, the first Get Up Kids E.P. Woodson had already been released.  I wasn't too excited to own this at the time, Ryan wasn't on it, it wasn't like I was too deep into vinyl.  But, now I kind of wish I bought a couple of them.

Interesting tid-bits about this single...As stated, it doesn't feature Ryan Pope the longtime and current drummer of the band.  It features Nathan (I forgot his last name) who was studying at the Kansas City Art Institute with Robby Pope and Jimmy Suptic.  I don't think he ever got canned in favor of Ryan or anything.  I think he just wanted to pursue art instead of music.

Also, the band recorded this in Lincoln, NE by the Mogis brothers who are now legendary for the whole Omaha scene and recording Cursive and Bright Eyes among a ton of other stuff.

It was also a self issued, private press release.  The Get Up Kids footed the bill on all expenses and promotion of it.  Played shows on it, paid for it, folded all the sleeves, sent it to Zines for review, the whole nine.  Funny, because at the time, they would do interviews and try to talk up Huey Proudhon as an actual label that signed them.  I mean, they even went as far as to catalog it as HP016, as in the sixteenth release by Huey Proudhon records.  Funny, because people have always thought DIY was cool.  Nobody hates Fugazi for being DIY.  I didn't get why in those early days they weren't proud of it.

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