Monday, August 5, 2013

The Coctails Hip Hip Hooray Hi Ball Records 1990

 The Coctails Hip Hip Hooray Hi Ball Records 1990 CAT# LPC-8255

First, I stole this from Vinyl Renaissance.  $9 is all they wanted, I did initially say they should sell it for more, but yeah, I wasn't about to make them charge me $25 to $50 for it.  Furthermore, it's not like I haven't traded in some absurdly good stuff to that store.  A Niki Aukema album they are selling for $50, the first Police 7" they DID sell for $75, and some other rarities that weren't getting the bids on eBay.  It all comes back in the end, so I hope me and store keep a solid relationship of mutual ripping each other off.

I previously brought up this band when discussing the amazing Bangtails LP as it features Archer Prewitt who went onto form this band.  The Coctails initially started in Kansas City as students of the Kansas City Art Institute.  They weren't able to gig much around KC, but the story goes they did do the first two albums here in KC in a home studio.  They would later pack up and go to Chicago.  Which is better suited for this type of thing in all honesty.  They were able to cast a bigger net in that city and in the end, helped shape the 90's Chicago indie-rock scene.

You can read the back liners, it's a nod to old jazz LPS.  However, it's not entirely correct.  For one, at this time the Coctails were indie-pop with Jazz tendencies.  You aren't going to hear echos of Charlie Parker, but you do get a strong sniff of vocal jazz and the structures of Kansas City Jazz.  Later, they would develop what they termed "lounge core" and that's were the whole Thrill Jockey, Sea & Cake, Tortoise scene come into play.  Well, Tortoise is bit of their own thing and started around the same time.  But the Sea & Cake reference is easy as Archer Prewitt would play in that band with another Kansas City Art Institute alum, Sam Prekop.

The Coctails GO BIG TIME

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